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New Tutorial Playlist - JSitemap

Jsitemap Pro

We added a new tutorial playlist for JSitemap Pro ( Learn how to add your sitemap and additional Joomla and Joomla component content. Manage all your meta descriptions in one place with JSitemap Pro.

See the tutorials here.

JSitemap Pro and configuration is included when Webie Design manages or creates your web site. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you succeed on the internet.

For the 4th year in a row, Joomla! is awarded the best CMS

joomla firstplace

No surprise that once again, CMS Critic has awarded Joomla! with the title of best CMS (content management system). Over the years I have worked with several CMS web site solutions and chose Joomla! over the others due to the advanced features available "out of the box". From a simple informational web site to a full featured site offering options based on your unique needs, Joomla! is the content management system built for versatility.

Joomla! is a free, open source, content management system with some exceptional core features such as a user access level system. Because it is open source, developers can freely create additional "components" that work off this core system to expand it's capabilities. Think of it like your car, you can choose the base model or add-on features to suit your needs.

Take Control of Your OWN Destiny

Take Control of Your OWN Destiny

Why would a business would put their business in the hands of another company ?

I had a business owner tell me they didn't need a web site because they had a Facebook Page. In the weeks that followed, Facebook changed many of their policies and the company's Facebook Page looked nothing like it had before. The company had no control over the change to the content layout and the algorithms that determine how many Facebook users see their business page.

Should you not use Facebook ? No, you should use every marketing and social avenue you can. Your social networking presence should lead visitors back to your web site for more information to build your brand and client loyalty.

Webie Design partners with MyJoomla

Although we include security tools on all our Joomla sites, you can never have to much. We are happy to announce our partnership with the award winning, service.

Now all our sites our managed and monitored for extra security. Contact Us for more information.

Http vs Https

http https

Beginning this month, users of the Chrome browser will begin to have notifications when visiting websites that do not have a secure certificate configured. Luckily, we partnered with Knownhost last year and have been using the free SSL service provided there so our clients have nothing to worry about. Contact us if you need assistance getting your site secure.


New tutorials using Pagebuilder CK. Pagebuilder will help you manage your web pages with ease. We plan to add to the playlist so check back often - or subscribe to get notified when new tutorials are available.