Stand out from your competition.

website planning

Planning your web site is the most important part of the web design and development process. We will visit web sites in your industry and others to determine what your likes and dislikes are.

Gather the information that will be available on your web site including any photos or graphics to be considered.

Having a general idea of the appearance and functionality you desire for your web presence makes the planning stage more productive.

Things to consider:

Once you have a basic idea of what you are expecting from your web site, we can help fill in the gaps and collaborate with you to plan out a web site that is functional, affordable, and manageable.

The Web Design Process

The "first look" is based on decisions made in the planning process. Before content and functionality are addressed, the appearance of the website needs approval.

Once the appearance has been approved,  web site content is added.

For best results correspondence is done online through our project management system to ensure everyone is "on the same page" regarding the web design and development process.

website deployment

Once your web site is complete it is made "live". It's crunch time as additional testing is required at this time to make sure all portions of the web site remain functional after going live.

Search Engine considerations immediately come in to play and numerous steps are completed to increase the chances of your site being spidered with the new information as soon as possible.

Ecommerce web site shopping cart and payment systems require additional testing as well.

A new web site is a great marketing and advertising opportunity such as press releases, newspaper, tv, and online options.

Google Yahoo Bing Native Search Engine Rankings

Successful native search engine results (non-paid placement) start in the planning stages of your web site. Careful consideration to the target keywords and phrases should be considered in all parts of the web site content.

Just because your site is exists, doesn't mean it will automatically rank well. Your web site needs to rank in the top 10 to enjoy any success with click through rates.

We can help you determine the keywords and key phrases that should be used for your web site and evaluate statistics to help you improve search engine rankings.