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Custom design configured to your specifications.

Custom design configured to your specifications with monthly support and feedback.

Informational Web Site

The most basic web site should provide visitors with all the information about your business, service, or group. Web site visitors should be able to find you through an online search and navigate to all your information easily.

E-commerce / Shop

Your physical or downloadable products can be managed online including taxes and shipping. Ordering online is almost expected these days so if you sell a product and don't offer it online you are missing a great opportunity.

Club/Membership Portal

Joomla! is an excellent solution for your group. Every area of the site can be managed through user group access permissions. Users can participate in private forums and have access to privileged information. Your becomes a private social networking platform.

Online Courses

Offer your courses online including completion certificates and payment options. Perfect for your school, club, or small business that offers or requires a secure training environment.


Wether you offer a service or perhaps schedule appointments for a location like a club house, scheduling and appoinments can all be managed through your web site.


A gallery or catalog can display a portfolio of your work or products. If you aren't quit ready to jump into eCommerce, your products can be displayed in a catalog and the shopping cart function can be enabled when you are ready.

Online Auction

Take your auctions online ! People are finding new ways to sell and auction items during these historic times. Webie Design can take your traditional on site auction online.

Video/Text Chatrooms

Private and public video and text chatrooms help your small business communicate right through your website. Contact Webie Design for more information and a demo.

  • ACYMailing 6 Add "unsubscribe" & "view online" link

    Add an "unsubscribe" and "view online" link to your ACYMailing 6 template.

  • ACYMailing 6 Template Creation

    Your email newsletter template includes the information that will be used on every newsletter you send. Include your logo and consistent information and build your newsletter from this main starting point.

  • Email Newsletter System

    Email Newsletter System

    email newsletter system

    Email automation tool for successful marketing campaigns. Keep clients up to date with email Newsletters.

    New visitors to subscribe to your news and current subscribers can mange their own subscriptions.

    ACYMailing Statistics summaryFeatures:

    • Create email mailing lists
    • Manage subscribers
    • Easy Drag & Drop template system
    • Follow-up auto-responder campaigns
    • Handle bounce email messages
    • Track newsletter link clicks
    • Show statistics

    AcyMailing can work as a stand alone Joomla!™ extension, or can be combined with user networking options such as Community Builder for a complete funneling campaign solution.

  • Generate a PDF from ACYMailing

    One of my clients needed to generate a PDF from their ACYMailing Newsletter. In the past I have used Phoca PDF to generate PDF's from Joomla content, however, this extension only works with Joomla articles and so was not an option.

    The quick fix for this (and other Joomla extensions) is to "print" in the Chrome Browser. Simply navigate to the page in Chrome, choose print, select the pages that are generated, and save your PDF. Photos and links are retained and the output was exactly what we needed.

  • Send an email newsletter (campaign) in ACYMailing 6

  • Setting up Bounce Handling with ACYMailing 6

    This uses the enterprise edition of ACYMailing. Set up a dedicated email for bounce handling. I had to configure ACYMailing to send with SMTP as opposed to phpmailer as I had used in the past. I was able to change it to "SendMail" and have it function as well.