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Jan 2012 News from
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Greetings Visitor !

We have big plans for 2012 including sending out regular news.


We have added several tutorials and many more are planned for our Knowledgebase. Currently most of these tutorials are video presentations so you can watch along.

You can check them out here.

Support Tickets

We will be using our automated Support Ticket System more this year. It will keep tasks more organized and prevent support requests from being overlooked. You can make support requests here. We may also convert your email requests into a support ticket(s) so that progress can be tracked more efficiently. If you like the support ticket system you can begin using it right away, or you can continue to email your requests.

Joomla! Web Site Security

We have used several methods to guard your Joomla! website from hackers.

We monitor hacking attempts and it has become clear how important it is to keep your passwords unique. Hackers use automated scripts to attempt logins to your website using countless combinations of "common" passwords.

Many of the websites we monitor have had adjustments made to their administrative login location (backend login) to avoid one of the more common hacking attempts. We will continue working with clients to make adjustments on remaining sites.

Example of the change to prevent hackers from finding your administrative login:

Administrator (or "backend") login urls would change from something like this:

Shameless call for Testimonials

We would love to include any testimonials you would care to write for us on our website and in marketing promotions. We are looking for a few more great clients like you this year, and your testimonial could really help.

We want to hear from you

If you need something from us, have a question, or a comment-please let us know. Your online success is important to us as your web site partner.

As always, email is the best way to reach us. webie@webiedesign.com

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