Stand out from your competition.

I routinely see people limiting their audience by posting messages only on Facebook or some other social media that they interact on. Often times, these same people ignore other social media opportunities and marketing avenues available to them.

For Example:
Joe at The Widget Company is having a sale (Buy 1 Get, Get 1 Free) and makes a post on his favorite social media outlet, Twitter. He reaches his followers on Twitter, Yay !

Here is the Better Way:

Joe creates a page on his web site about The Widget Company sale (Buy 1 Get, Get 1 Free) with all the details.
Joe posts a "teaser" on all social media platforms with a link back to his website page.
Joe is training his audience that they can go directly to The Widget Company web site to see the sales anytime. They may also explore other information on their web site visit Google, Bing, and other search engines notice the additional traffic to The Widget Company web site and rank the web site higher.

The Better Way takes a little longer, but pays off in multiple ways.



Preview your post on Facebook with the de-bugging tool. You can see what your page link will look like before you post on Facebook and if necessary make changes before you compose your post. If Webie Design built your site there are tools available to fine tune the image used as well as the text that will be used in the Open graph tags that Facebook uses.