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Pagebuilders, Editors, and Artistic Freedom

The tools used to create and manage the pages of your web site will boil down to who will be managing them. Web pages built for your work flow will increase productivity and motivate you to build your brand. Webie Design offers several solutions, one is bound to suit your needs.

2020 made websites great again

2021 web site

2020 was a challenging year for many. For those of us in the internet business, it was just as crazy as most other industries. Clients suddenly had questions about online services that were never an interest in the past. Live fundraising events were replaced with online auction services and in person meetings were replaced with virtual solutions.

People have discovered the reprocussions of using third party services to control their brand. Joomla! is an open source solution that can scale to build your brand without relying on a third party service that might be gone tomorrow. Contact us today to find out how you can build your brand.

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All the sites are monitored through I have been using this service for awhile, but not to it's full potential. All the sites we manage are entered there now. This service allows us to remotely monitor all our sites for security breaches, code updates, automatic backups and much more. I am feeling so organized and in control.

Auto Post Social Media

Who couldn't use more free time ? Over the years I have tried a multitude of methods to auto-post Webie Design news articles to social media automatically. Many have been difficult to set up and results have been inconsistant. I was just about ready to go all in with a third party service, but decided to head on over to the Joomla Extension Directory to review any solutions I had overlooked. 

Joomlashack Conference 2019

3 days of live online seminars with some of the best Joomla folks around the world. A big shout out to Joomlashack for putting this all together. I looked through all the courses and think I will be attending most of them from the comfort of my country office.

We recentally started using the Shack Article Manager for a better front end content management system. A long time client said "I's so easy !". Contact us if you need an easy way to manage your web site.

I routinely see people limiting their audience by posting messages only on Facebook or some other social media that they interact on. Often times, these same people ignore other social media opportunities and marketing avenues available to them.

For Example:
Joe at The Widget Company is having a sale (Buy 1 Get, Get 1 Free) and makes a post on his favorite social media outlet, Twitter. He reaches his followers on Twitter, Yay !

Here is the Better Way: