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Auto Post Social Media

Who couldn't use more free time ? Over the years I have tried a multitude of methods to auto-post Webie Design news articles to social media automatically. Many have been difficult to set up and results have been inconsistant. I was just about ready to go all in with a third party service, but decided to head on over to the Joomla Extension Directory to review any solutions I had overlooked. 

Social Backlinks offerd by JoomUnited had some good recent reviews. I use a few of their other extensions and have found them good and the support fast and efficient. Their extensions are also very affordable so I secured my subscription. Setup is very easy (easier than anything I have tried in the past including 3rd party services) and the true test will happen with this first autopost.

An added bonus is that it can be used to auto post products from the Eshop component, something that will be very useful for several clients. It will auto post with a new entry and when a product is updated ! win/win for ecommerce sites.

Looking for an easy way to update your site and social media all at once ? Let me help you work more efficiently.